Hamburg Grade

FarmersOrigin H1 Grade

Hamburg Grade - H Grade

This grade of Ceylon cinnamon consists of thicker and coarser cinnamon quills compared to the Mexican grade. The color is darker brown, and the texture is rough. Hamburg grade cinnamon may have a more pronounced and intense flavor, making it suitable for certain culinary applications where a bolder cinnamon taste is desired.

  • Appearance: Thicker and coarser cinnamon quills compared to Mexican grade. Measuring around 16-25 mm in diameter. 
  • Flavor: Intense and bold flavor with a prominent spiciness.
  • Aroma: Strong and aromatic with a pronounced spiciness.
  • Recommended Uses: Hamburg grade cinnamon is well-suited for recipes that require a robust cinnamon flavor, such as spiced cakes, cookies, pies, and hearty stews. It can also be used in pickling and mulled beverages.
  • Unique Characteristics: Hamburg grade cinnamon is known for its strong and assertive flavor. It adds a powerful cinnamon kick to dishes and is favored by those who prefer a more intense and spicy cinnamon taste.