Welcome to the rich and captivating history of Diyesta

Our journey began in 1935 when the visionary Sir Sooriyarchchi (I) embarked on a daring venture, sowing the seeds of success by introducing Ceylon cinnamon to farmers. Little did he know that his passion for this remarkable spice would blossom into an enduring legacy, cherished by generations to come.

In 1956, fate played its hand, as a joint venture formed with the humble and skilled farmer, H. L. Jinadasa. Their partnership was a harmonious blend of expertise and dedication, propelling the business beyond expectations. Together, they transformed cinnamon seeds into coveted quills and extracted precious oils, sharing the wonders of this aromatic spice with the world.

The flame of excellence passed from one generation to another, and in 1979, H. L. Ananda, the eldest son of Jinadasa, assumed the reins of the cinnamon and tea enterprises. With a firm commitment to quality and sustainability, he laid the very foundation that has shaped our success today.

In 2008, the proud baton was handed over to the next heir, H. L. P. Ananda, ensuring the continuation of our family’s legacy. With passion and dedication, we continue to carry forth Sir Sooriyarchchi’s dream, reaching out to you, our cherished customers, in the same spirit of delight that he did all those years ago.

At Diyesta, we are not just cultivators and producers; we are dream weavers. We take immense joy in knowing that our harvests, nurtured on our beautiful island, find their way into the hearts and homes of people across the globe. Each quill of cinnamon and every sip of our tea tells a tale of tradition, authenticity, and the enchanting flavors of Sri Lanka.

As you savor the unique essence of our products, you become part of our story. A story that celebrates the fusion of heritage and innovation, the commitment to sustainable practices, and the passion to bring nature’s finest offerings to your doorstep.

From our family to yours, we invite you to immerse yourself in the warmth and charm of Diyesta Group. Let us journey together, as we continue to weave the tapestry of history, one cinnamon quill at a time. Thank you for being a part of our enduring tale!

Each of us at Diyesta is inspired by the thought that our harvests are enjoyed by people thousands of miles away from our beautiful island.