Diyadola Tea & Cinnamon Plantation

Diyadola Estate

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Diyadola Estate

Diydola Estate, located in Sri Lanka, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the traditional peeling mechanism for cinnamon. Through rigorous industrial training, our focus has been on enhancing the quality and hygienic standards of the cinnamon we produce.

Introducing to Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

Diyadola Estate boasts a substantial cultivatable land bank ideal for cultivating organic cinnamon. We are excited to announce our readiness to explore potential joint ventures with foreign investors who share our passion for growing organic cinnamon, which is experiencing a significant surge in demand worldwide. Moreover, we are determined to transform some of our unused lands into productive spaces for cultivating organic cinnamon. Investors now will have the opportunity to leverage the expertise of our skilled agronomy specialists at Diyadola Estate, ensuring the successful cultivation of organic cinnamon and securing their raw material supply. For certification purposes, we have partnered with Control Union, a reputable local certification authority. In addition, we have established investment partnerships with FarmersOrigin further support these ventures.

Our Process

What We Do

Diyadola Estate. a pioneer in Sri Lanka, has revolutionized the traditional peeling mechanism that has been used for ages. Through rigorous industrial training, we have implemented a new process aimed at enhancing the quality and hygienic standards of our cinnamon production. By embracing innovation, we strive to consistently deliver cinnamon of the highest caliber.

Cinnamon Harvesting

our skilled harvesters and expert processors work together to produce the finest cinnamon from field to fork. With an annual production of 35 tons, we cultivate our cinnamon exclusively from our own plantations, ensuring complete control over quality and authenticity. Trust Diyesta for excellence at every step of the process.

Cinnamon Manufacturing

We take pride in our cinnamon manufacturing process. Our well-maintained peeling station is operated by a skilled labor force indigenous to Sri Lanka. We prioritize continuous training and strict quality and hygiene monitoring to ensure that we bring you the best cinnamon from our beautiful island. Experience the excellence of our carefully crafted cinnamon, where every step is focused on delivering exceptional quality.